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Tobacco Vanilla Parfum Candle

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From the bottom, the intense notes of toasted vanilla are perceived, an aroma that embraces spaces, turning them into warm places. The woody aroma of sandalwood from India reminds us of those endless campfires with laughter and experiences. In addition, at the heart of this candle, there is a pleasant aroma of lily, tropical tonka seeds and the sweetness of coconut milk; a cocktail of fragrances and flavors that together create an energy that frees the spirit, protects and cleanses the home. Its properties help facilitate concentration for meditation and good thoughts. This aroma awakens love, appreciation, sensuality and attracts success.

Presentation: Aromatic candle with natural waxes in a black glass container, inside a cardboard box.
Cylindrical container with lid and cylindrical box.
Measurements: 8x9 cm.
Net weight: 600 grams.
Origin: Mexico.

Valisi Candles

Valisi Candles

We invite you to choose the essence that best represents your home and inspires your days. For the creation, natural waxes with a high degree of purity are used that offer a uniform, perfect and toxin-free burn.

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