Valisi is a brand born in Mexico that is officially launched in 2022 as a brand mainly of fragrances that throughout its maturation has been expanding its universe to become a luxury brand that includes various exclusive and affordable products. Our main intention and purpose is to make our products inspire connections both with oneself and with the universe around us.

Valisi offers unique and sophisticated parfums with high levels of fragrance concentration and avoids the use of preservatives and "fixatives". These fragrances have the power to help you balance and harmonize your energy, managing to conquer your deepest desires. Our scents have the ability to awaken precious memories and invoke powerful new feelings. Each one is unique and loaded with notes that pay tribute to different emotions.

Our home scents were delicately designed to beautify every corner of the place they inhabit and make you travel through the senses. For the creation of Valisi candles, natural waxes with a high degree of purity are used that offer a uniform and perfect burn free of toxins.

Conscious, inspiring and unforgettable fragrances

We decided to create unique fragrances, each one created to find the right person and convey their message, remind them who they are, and accompany them in their transformation process. Our perfumes are created from gratitude, love and devotion, with the aim of guiding and accompanying you on your personal path.